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14-06-21 (13:41)   Take-Two's E3 2021 Panel Is Today, But Don't Expect GTA 6 (GameSpot)
13-06-21 (17:52)   Best Game Builder Garage Codes For Games You Should Play - GTA, Doom, Flappy Bird, Donkey Kong & More (DualShockers)
11-06-21 (01:10)   This Week's GTA Online Update Offers Bonus Rewards For Vehicle Cargo And CEO Missions (GameSpot)
09-06-21 (22:40)   These Chinese Elephants Are Viral Stars-and Total Nuisances (Gizmodo)
09-06-21 (09:52)   How To Fix GTA Online Error 'Files Required To Play' Message - PlayStation & Xbox (DualShockers)
07-06-21 (13:23)   Red Dead Redemption 2 Fan Art Portrays Younger Versions of Arthur and John (DualShockers)
07-06-21 (01:43)   Red Dead Redemption Fire Art Climaxes Spectacularly (Kotaku)
06-06-21 (14:14)   A Love Letter to Grand Theft Auto's Best Side Stories (WIRED)
04-06-21 (21:23)   Will GTA 6 Be at E3 2021? (Den of Geek)
04-06-21 (17:42)   Grand Theft Auto 6 Rumored To Have an In-Game Version of Bitcoin (Decrypt.co)
04-06-21 (11:01)   10 Biggest Revolutions That Changed The Way Games Play (GamingBolt)
03-06-21 (22:43)   Why Everyone Is Playing Knockout City, A Multiplayer Dodgeball Game (Kotaku)
03-06-21 (21:10)   GTA role-players' first state election nearly went off the rails (Polygon)
03-06-21 (17:24)   Latest GTA Online Weekly Update Gives Racers A Boost (GameSpot)
03-06-21 (15:59)   This CS:GO map takes the fight to GTA's Grove Street (PCGamesN.com)
03-06-21 (13:14)   GTA Online's weekly update offers triple the rewards on land races (PCGamesN.com)
02-06-21 (16:10)   GTA Parent Company Gets Into Soccer Games With Acquisition Of Top Eleven Studio Nordeus (GameSpot)
30-05-21 (21:00)   Red Dead Online Players Found A Glitchy Water Wheel That Sends Them Flying (Kotaku)
27-05-21 (22:10)   This Week's GTA Online Update Adds Eight New Stunt Races With $100K Reward For Completion (GameSpot)
27-05-21 (12:25)   How to Play Grand Theft Auto 5 on Android Devices With Steam Link or Xbox Game Pass (Gadgets 360)
27-05-21 (11:45)   GTA Online weekly update adds eight new Stunt Races (PCGamesN.com)
25-05-21 (20:05)   The Untold Truth Of Grand Theft Auto Roleplaying (Looper)
25-05-21 (19:38)   Meet CircoLoco Records: The New Record Label Co-Founded By Rockstar Games (PlayStation LifeStyle)
25-05-21 (15:27)   Rockstar Games collaborates with club music hosts to create CircoLoco Records (NME.COM)
25-05-21 (11:15)   Rockstar Games launches record label (GamesIndusty.biz)
24-05-21 (23:15)   Rockstar Games Announces Record Label CircoLoco Records (GamingBolt)
24-05-21 (20:56)   Rockstar Games and CircoLoco Are Starting a Record Label (RollingStone.com)
24-05-21 (20:05)   Things GTA 6 Can't Afford To Get Wrong (Looper)
24-05-21 (18:06)   DF Direct Weekly takes on The Last of Us PS5, Mass Effect, 3080 Ti and GTA5's AI makeover (Eurogamer.net)
24-05-21 (13:23)   Why Was xQc Permenantly Banned From The NoPixel Server In May? (DualShockers)
23-05-21 (22:14)   Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis Released 15 Years Ago Today And I Still Want A Sequel (Kotaku)
22-05-21 (13:25)   GTA 5 Player UnNameD Beats Game Without Taking Any Damage in Record 9 Hours (Gadgets 360)
22-05-21 (02:43)   Ma, Fetch The RTX 3090, Red Dead Redemption 2's Gone VR (Kotaku)
21-05-21 (16:55)   Latest GTA Online Weekly Update Adds $2 Million Cayo Perico Heist Target (GameSpot)
20-05-21 (18:06)   GTA 5 speedrunner beats game without taking damage - and in only 9 hours (Eurogamer.net)
20-05-21 (14:25)   'In Five Years, Will Cryptocurrency Matter? I'm Not Sure': Grand Theft Auto Publisher (Decrypt.co)
20-05-21 (12:59)   GTA Online's panther statue is finally lootable from the Cayo Perico heist (PCGamesN.com)
20-05-21 (01:24)   Grand Theft Auto Franchise Sells Over 345 Million Units, Red Dead Redemption Sells Nearly 60 Million Copies (PlayStation LifeStyle)
20-05-21 (00:17)   GTA V Shipped Over 145 Million Copies; Red Dead Redemption 2 Over 37 Million Copies (Sirus Gaming)
19-05-21 (21:05)   Survey Reveals Gamers' Favorite GTA Game (Looper)
19-05-21 (17:28)   Take-Two sales deluge reveals Grand Theft Auto V has sold over 145 million copies (Gamasutra)
19-05-21 (12:01)   Grand Theft Auto 5 Sells Over 145 Million, Red Dead Redemption 2 Crosses 37 Million Sales (GamingBolt)
19-05-21 (11:45)   GTA 5 speedrunner beats the game in nine hours without taking any damage (PCGamesN.com)
19-05-21 (08:56)   GTA 5, GTA Online Out November 11 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X (Gadgets 360)
19-05-21 (08:41)   GTA 5 Player Becomes First To Beat The Game Without Taking Any Damage (GameSpot)
19-05-21 (03:00)   Player Completes Grand Theft Auto V In Nine Hours Without Taking A Single Hit (Kotaku)
19-05-21 (00:24)   GTA 6 Probably Isn't Releasing This Year (GameSpot)
18-05-21 (23:10)   GTA 5 Has Now Sold 145M Copies; 2K's NFL Game Delayed, New Gearbox Title Coming (GameSpot)
18-05-21 (22:41)   GTA 5 Has Now Sold 145 Million Copies, Red Dead Redemption 2 Climbs To 37 Million (GameSpot)
18-05-21 (22:38)   Grand Theft Auto V Arriving on PS5 in November, More Updates Coming to GTA Online (PlayStation LifeStyle)
18-05-21 (22:17)   GTA 5 and GTA Online Officially Coming to Next Gen Consoles November 2021 (Sirus Gaming)
18-05-21 (20:40)   Why Grand Theft Auto 3 Deserves a Remake (Den of Geek)
18-05-21 (18:44)   'Grand Theft Auto 5' is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S in November (NME.COM)
18-05-21 (18:11)   GTA 5 Comes To PS5 & Xbox Series X/S On November 11 | Screen Rant (Screen Rant)
18-05-21 (17:51)   Grand Theft Auto V, GTA Online Xbox Series X and PS5 versions arrive in November (SlashGear)
18-05-21 (17:44)   Grand Theft Auto 5, Grand Theft Auto Online Coming to Xbox Series X/S and PS5 on November 11th (GamingBolt)
18-05-21 (17:41)   Grand Theft Auto V Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 version launches in November (Neowin.net)
18-05-21 (17:09)   GTA V remaster to be released on November 11 on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 (On MSFT)
18-05-21 (17:00)   GTA V Arrives On Xbox Series S/X And PlayStation 5 On November 11 (Kotaku)
18-05-21 (16:41)   'Grand Theft Auto V' comes to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S on November 11th (Engadget)
18-05-21 (16:35)   Grand Theft Auto V is coming to the PS5 and Xbox Series X in November (TheVerge)
18-05-21 (16:26)   Grand Theft Auto 5 hits PS5, Xbox Series X and S in November (C-Net News.com)
18-05-21 (16:26)   Grand Theft Auto V finally coming to next-gen consoles this fall (Digital Trends)
18-05-21 (16:06)   Rockstar outlines summer updates for GTA Online and Red Dead Online (Eurogamer.net)
18-05-21 (15:59)   GTA Online and Red Dead Online are getting new races this month (PCGamesN.com)
18-05-21 (15:55)   GTA 3 Turns 20 This Year, Rockstar Teases "Surprises" (GameSpot)
18-05-21 (15:41)   GTA 5 and GTA Online coming to PS5, Xbox Series X in November (Polygon)
18-05-21 (15:35)   Grand Theft Auto 5 hits PS5 and Xbox Series X and S this November (Eurogamer.net)
18-05-21 (15:10)   GTA, Red Dead Online Summer Updates Announced (GameSpot)
18-05-21 (15:10)   GTA 5 Release Date For PS5 And Xbox Series X|S Is November 11 (GameSpot)
18-05-21 (15:05)   GTA Online And Red Dead Online Getting Big Summer Updates (GameInformer.com)
18-05-21 (15:05)   Grand Theft Auto V And GTA Online Come To PS5 And Xbox Series X/S In November (GameInformer.com)
17-05-21 (17:45)   GTA Online players gather on NoPixel for in-game memorial to fellow roleplayer (PCGamesN.com)
17-05-21 (10:23)   GTA 5 Jantsuu Tower Mod - How To Download & Install, Requirements (DualShockers)
15-05-21 (19:32)   Intel AI makes GTA 5 look photorealistic but not better (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
15-05-21 (19:21)   Intel AI Tool Makes GTA V Look Incredibly Photorealistic (Fstoppers)
14-05-21 (13:36)   New Intel AI Turns GTA V Into a Photorealistic Game (ExtremeTech)
13-05-21 (21:41)   My GTA Online role-play dildo prank went horribly wrong (Polygon)
13-05-21 (17:55)   GTA Online Players Earn More Dealing Cars With Bonuses For Vehicle Work This Week (GameSpot)
13-05-21 (16:24)   GTA 5 Looks Frighteningly Realistic Thanks To Intel Machine Learning (GameSpot)
13-05-21 (16:12)   'Grand Theft Auto V' mod adds uncanny photorealism through AI (Engadget)
13-05-21 (13:28)   GTA Online's weekly update boosts rewards on Business Battles and Target Assault races (PCGamesN.com)
13-05-21 (12:30)   Intel has made GTA V look incredibly realistic with machine learning (Pocket-lint)
13-05-21 (02:20)   Intel is using machine learning to make GTA V look incredibly, unsettlingly realistic (TheVerge)
13-05-21 (02:14)   Grand Theft Auto V Looks Almost Photorealistic Thanks To Machine Learning (Kotaku)
12-05-21 (21:55)   This AI is pretty good at generating realistic graphics for GTA 5 (Polygon)
12-05-21 (20:54)   Grand Theft Auto Looks Frighteningly Photorealistic With This Machine Learning Technique (Gizmodo)
12-05-21 (15:23)   RatedEpicz Banned From GTA NoPixel Server - Reason & Ban Duration (DualShockers)
12-05-21 (13:28)   GTA 5 gets an enhanced photorealism makeover - and it looks stunning (PCGamesN.com)
11-05-21 (22:01)   Github reverses takedown of reverse-engineered GTA source code (Ars Technica)
11-05-21 (15:59)   GTA roleplayers are recreating WoW's Burning Crusade raid (PCGamesN.com)
11-05-21 (14:49)   Reverse-engineered GTA code restored after developer files DMCA counterclaim (Eurogamer.net)
11-05-21 (11:44)   Developer wins against Grand Theft Auto DMCA takedown (GamesIndusty.biz)
11-05-21 (02:14)   Lone Developer Stands Up To Grand Theft Auto DMCA Claim, Wins (Kotaku)
10-05-21 (14:37)   GTA 6 Map - Leakers Reveal Images Of A Possible New Vice City (DualShockers)
06-05-21 (17:10)   GTA Online Goes To War This Week With Big Rewards On Mobile Operations (GameSpot)
06-05-21 (13:45)   GTA Online's weekly update doubles rewards on Mobile Operations missions (PCGamesN.com)
03-05-21 (13:52)   How To Register As CEO, VIP, Or MC President In GTA 5 Online 2021 (DualShockers)
30-04-21 (12:59)   GTA 3 speedrun undone by series of horrific odds (PCGamesN.com)
30-04-21 (11:16)   Grand Theft Auto 6: Release date, platforms, and everything you need to know about GTA 6 (Pocket-lint)
29-04-21 (20:14)   Grand Theft Auto Speedrunner Has Terrible Luck (Kotaku)
29-04-21 (18:11)   GTA 6 Rumors Heat Up Thanks To A New Rockstar Ad For Game Testers (Screen Rant)
29-04-21 (18:11)   Why GTA 5 Only Let Certain Characters Buy Specific Properties (Screen Rant)
29-04-21 (12:45)   GTA Online's weekly update doubles rewards on hauling Bunker stock (PCGamesN.com)
27-04-21 (15:45)   GTA 5 mod FiveM is more popular than GTA Online on Steam (PCGamesN.com)
27-04-21 (15:05)   Games You Should Play While Waiting For Grand Theft Auto 6 (Looper)
22-04-21 (18:10)   GTA Online Bets Big This Week With Triple Rewards At The Casino (GameSpot)
22-04-21 (15:36)   The Most Bizarre Ways You Can Play GTA 5 (Looper)
22-04-21 (13:14)   GTA Online's weekly update brings diamonds back to the Casino heist (PCGamesN.com)
21-04-21 (12:44)   10 Changes Game Developers Made Based On Player Feedback (GamingBolt)
21-04-21 (01:43)   Rockstar Very Quietly Adds A Bunch Of Free DLC To Max Payne 3 & LA Noire (Kotaku)
20-04-21 (16:01)   Max Payne 3, L.A. Noire DLC Are Now Free for PC Players (GamingBolt)
20-04-21 (01:43)   Rockstar Games Disappeared From Steam, Then Came Back, Even Ones You Couldn't Buy Anymore (Kotaku)
19-04-21 (03:29)   Even As A Pacifist You Will Still Kill Over 700 People In Grand Theft Auto V (Kotaku)
18-04-21 (21:52)   xQc Banned From NoPixel Again - What Caused The April 2021 Ban? (DualShockers)
18-04-21 (18:20)   You'll still kill 726 people if you try your best not to murder anyone in GTA 5 (Eurogamer.net)
18-04-21 (16:45)   GTA 5 has less murder than the Mass Effect trilogy (PCGamesN.com)
16-04-21 (14:10)   GTA Online Lives The High Life In Latest Weekly Update (GameSpot)
15-04-21 (13:14)   GTA Online's weekly update is all about racing (PCGamesN.com)
15-04-21 (12:23)   Has KylieBitkin Been Banned From The NoPixel GTA RP Server? (DualShockers)
14-04-21 (16:25)   GTA Online's Cayo Perico Heist Brought To Offline Single-Player By Mod (Screen Rant)
14-04-21 (16:25)   Grand Theft Auto: 10 Things About Trevor That Make No Sense (Screen Rant)
14-04-21 (14:15)   15 Best Games of 2001 (GamingBolt)
13-04-21 (13:28)   GTA 5 modder brings the Cayo Perico heist to single-player (PCGamesN.com)
13-04-21 (12:37)   Twitch: Penta Banned From NoPixel - When Can He Play Again? (DualShockers)
13-04-21 (00:41)   GTA 6 Rumors: Project Americas, Female Protagonist, And Release Date Speculation (GameSpot)
12-04-21 (14:06)   Marvel's Spider-Man Mod Swings In to the Streets of GTA San Andreas (DualShockers)
10-04-21 (14:28)   GTA 5 was the most watched Twitch game in March (PCGamesN.com)
08-04-21 (20:40)   Why GTA 5 Is Still Rockstar's Masterpiece (Den of Geek)
08-04-21 (19:06)   GTA 5: Who Needs Cars When You Can Pull Off Sick Stunts on Physics-Defying BMX (DualShockers)
08-04-21 (17:55)   GTA Online's latest update Has Big Rewards For Daredevils And Rally Fans (GameSpot)
08-04-21 (13:14)   GTA Online's weekly update is a callback to the Freemode Events update (PCGamesN.com)
07-04-21 (19:05)   The Most Infuriating Moments In Grand Theft Auto (Looper)
07-04-21 (18:42)   Ridiculous GTA 5 Bike Stunt May Be Los Santos' Best BMX Run (Screen Rant)
07-04-21 (18:42)   GTA 6: Explorable Buildings Rockstar Should Add | Screen Rant (Screen Rant)
07-04-21 (10:25)   GTA V Coming Back to Xbox Game Pass, xCloud on April 8; Over 50 xCloud Games Now Support Touch Controls (Gadgets 360)
06-04-21 (21:26)   Grand Theft Auto V returning to Xbox Game Pass, with Cloud streaming support - CNET (C-Net News.com)
06-04-21 (20:09)   GTA V comes back to Xbox Game Pass in April with support for Xbox Cloud Gaming (On MSFT)
06-04-21 (19:40)   Grand Theft Auto V is coming back to Xbox Game Pass, with Cloud streaming support - CNET (C-Net News.com)
06-04-21 (18:44)   'GTA V' is set to return to Xbox Game Pass this week (NME.COM)
06-04-21 (17:58)   'Grand Theft Auto V' returns to Xbox Game Pass on April 8th (Engadget)
06-04-21 (17:22)   Grand Theft Auto V returns to Xbox Game Pass, leading April's additions (SlashGear)
06-04-21 (17:20)   GTA 5 returns to Xbox Game Pass this month (Eurogamer.net)
06-04-21 (17:12)   Grand Theft Auto V returns to Xbox Game Pass and it's coming to the cloud (Digital Trends)
06-04-21 (17:06)   GTA V returns to Xbox Game Pass, this time with xCloud support (TheVerge)
06-04-21 (16:55)   Grand Theft Auto 5 joins Xbox Game Pass this month, with MLB The Show 21 and more (Polygon)
06-04-21 (16:41)   Xbox Game Pass For April 2021: GTA 5 Returns, MLB The Show 21, Zombie Army 4, And More (GameSpot)
06-04-21 (16:30)   Grand Theft Auto 5, Zombie Army 4: Dead War Coming to Xbox Game Pass in April (GamingBolt)
06-04-21 (16:27)   Grand Theft Auto V, MLB The Show 21, NHL 21, and more head to Xbox Game Pass (Neowin.net)
06-04-21 (10:13)   Lil Nas X thinks virtual concerts should be hosted through 'GTA Online' (NME.COM)
05-04-21 (19:36)   The Endings Of Every GTA Game Explained (Looper)
05-04-21 (10:23)   Twitch: Why Did xQc Get Banned Again From The NoPixel Server? (DualShockers)
04-04-21 (19:06)   How to Play GTA 4 Multiplayer Mod Using GTA Connected on PC (DualShockers)
04-04-21 (11:37)   GTA Online: Where To Complete Stunt Jumps And Earn 500K (DualShockers)
02-04-21 (11:06)   The effortless loop-de-loop surrealism of GTA Online's racing tracks (Eurogamer.net)
01-04-21 (23:24)   GTA Online Update: Get Bonus Rewards On Stunts (GameSpot)
01-04-21 (12:45)   GTA Online's weekly update ups rewards for parachuting fans (PCGamesN.com)
29-03-21 (19:23)   Red Dead Redemption 2: Fan Discovers the Difference Between Arthur and John's Aim (DualShockers)
29-03-21 (18:06)   GTA 5: Michael's Actor Gives Advice to Streamer Over Botched Bank Heist (DualShockers)
26-03-21 (18:23)   7 Best Muscle Cars In GTA 5 Online 2021 | GTA V Fastest Muscle Cars (DualShockers)
25-03-21 (23:28)   GTA 2-Cyberpunk 2077 mash-up Glitchpunk gets new gameplay reveal (PCGamesN.com)
25-03-21 (23:06)   Glitchpunk is Grand Theft Auto 2 meets Cyberpunk (Eurogamer.net)
25-03-21 (12:28)   GTA Online weekly update doubles rewards on Bikers content (PCGamesN.com)
24-03-21 (18:28)   The best crime games like GTA on PC (PCGamesN.com)
23-03-21 (19:34)   Epic Games Asks Fortnite Players If They Want Resident Evil, Grand Theft Auto, And More Crossovers (GameInformer.com)
22-03-21 (16:36)   Grand Theft Auto Features You Never Knew Were Cut (Looper)
18-03-21 (22:41)   Grand Theft Auto-Inspired Game Rustler Hits PS4, PS5 Later This Year (GameSpot)
18-03-21 (16:41)   GTA Online Pays Out Double Rewards For Arena Action This Week (GameSpot)
18-03-21 (12:14)   GTA Online weekly update brings double rewards for Arena War and Rhino Hunt (PCGamesN.com)
17-03-21 (17:42)   GTA 6 Needs To Add Gang Wars To Make It Truly Next-Gen (Screen Rant)
17-03-21 (17:28)   Rockstar awards $10K bounty to GTA Online player who solved load time issue (Gamasutra)
17-03-21 (11:58)   'GTA V' loading fix causes crashes on Xbox One (NME.COM)
16-03-21 (23:14)   Rockstar Pays Modder $10,000 For Fixing GTA Load Times (Kotaku)
16-03-21 (21:40)   GTA Online update fixes loading time, after player discovers issue - CNET (C-Net News.com)
16-03-21 (19:24)   GTA Online player fixes the game's terrible load times, gets $10K (Polygon)
16-03-21 (16:28)   Rockstar awards $10K bug bounty to GTA Online player who solved load time issue (Gamasutra)
16-03-21 (15:47)   Developers to update GTA Online to address poor load times after community fix (Ars Technica)
16-03-21 (14:01)   Rockstar To Use Fan-Made Fix For GTA Online PC Loading Times, Pays $10,000 To Modder As Thanks (GamingBolt)
16-03-21 (13:37)   GTA 5 Online Update (Today, March 16 2021) - Version 1.54, Patch Notes and Load Times (DualShockers)
16-03-21 (12:27)   Rockstar Games confirm implementation of fan fix for 'GTA Online' (NME.COM)
16-03-21 (11:49)   GTA Online will improve loading times, thanks to fix found by player (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
16-03-21 (11:15)   Rockstar pays $10,000 to modder who fixed GTA Online loading times (GamesIndusty.biz)
16-03-21 (04:36)   GTA Online will finally load faster thanks to a player (SlashGear)
16-03-21 (00:46)   GTA Online Load Time Fix by Fan Officially Approved by Rockstar Games (Sirus Gaming)
16-03-21 (00:14)   Rockstar pays $10k to the modder who fixed GTA Online's ridiculous load times (PCGamesN.com)
16-03-21 (00:14)   Fan Fixes GTA Online Load Times, Rockstar Makes It Official (Kotaku)
15-03-21 (23:57)   GTA Online gets load time fix after player solves issue - CNET (C-Net News.com)
15-03-21 (23:27)   Thanks to a fan, Rockstar is fixing GTA Online's slow PC loading times (Engadget)
15-03-21 (23:06)   Rockstar officially implementing fan-made fix that massively reduces GTA Online load times (Eurogamer.net)
15-03-21 (21:24)   GTA Online Update Coming To Fix Load Times Thanks To Modder's Proof-Of-Concept (GameSpot)
15-03-21 (21:20)   A fan-made fix for GTA Online's slow load times is actually being added to the game (TheVerge)
15-03-21 (14:52)   How A PS5 Exclusive Midnight Club Game Could Happen (DualShockers)
14-03-21 (19:14)   14 Years Ago Rockstar Ran Weird TV Ads Of Just A Clock Counting Down (Kotaku)
13-03-21 (16:37)   GTA 5 Remake Mod Is Now Available on PC - Here's How to Download (DualShockers)
13-03-21 (15:38)   Rockstar Leeds Founder Gordon Hall Has Passed Away at 51 (PlayStation LifeStyle)
11-03-21 (17:52)   Who Was Gordon Hall Creator of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars? (DualShockers)
11-03-21 (17:10)   GTA Online Update Brings Business Battles To Los Santos This Week (GameSpot)
11-03-21 (14:00)   Gordon Hall, Rockstar Leeds Founder, Dies At 51 (Kotaku)
11-03-21 (12:28)   GTA Online's weekly update brings double rewards for putting up with Lamar (PCGamesN.com)
10-03-21 (20:24)   GTA Online's wealth gap feels bigger than ever (Polygon)
10-03-21 (20:14)   GTA 5 modders are turning the Mile High Club construction site into DLC (PCGamesN.com)
10-03-21 (17:24)   Illinois Rep Explains Why He Proposed Bill to Ban Violent Video Games Like Grand Theft Auto (PlayStation LifeStyle)
10-03-21 (13:52)   Could Trainwreckstv Be Banned From The NoPixel GTA Server? (DualShockers)
10-03-21 (09:16)   PlayStation 5 devkit images show what could have been and mailshot reaffirms GTA V Enhanced is coming to the PS5 soon (NotebookCheck.net)
08-03-21 (03:44)   'Grand Theft Auto' publisher Take-Two thinks it's time for $70 games (NME.COM)
07-03-21 (14:41)   Will GTA Online Come To PS5 And Xbox Series X? (GameSpot)
06-03-21 (21:10)   Will GTA Online Get Cross-Play? (GameSpot)
06-03-21 (19:41)   GTA Online: Will It Get Cross-Play? (GameSpot)
05-03-21 (19:03)   It's cute when GTA Online players name yachts after the man they robbed to pay for it (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
05-03-21 (17:10)   PS5 And PS4's Most-Downloaded Games In February Include GTA 5, FIFA 21 (GameSpot)
05-03-21 (14:55)   GTA Online Update Adds Compact Heist Cars, Double Rewards, And More In Latest Weekly Update (GameSpot)
05-03-21 (03:01)   Take-Two CEO Confident Rockstar Will Deliver Great Version Of GTA5 For PS5, Xbox Series X/S (GamingBolt)
04-03-21 (21:05)   The Rarest Vehicles In GTA 5 (Looper)
04-03-21 (20:00)   Take-Two CEO Confident Grand Theft Auto V on New-Gen Consoles won't be a "Simple Port" (Sirus Gaming)
04-03-21 (17:06)   How to Win a Bravado Verlierer in GTA Online Update This Week (DualShockers)
04-03-21 (16:41)   GTA Online Standalone Is Coming Due To GTA 5 Sales Saturation (GameSpot)
04-03-21 (16:24)   Take-Two Says Its Remasters 'Do So Well' Because It Doesn't Simply Port Games Like Its Competitors (PlayStation LifeStyle)
04-03-21 (12:28)   GTA Online's weekly update offers double rewards on yacht and plane missions (PCGamesN.com)
03-03-21 (16:24)   Rockstar Changes How Free GTA Online Cash For PS Plus Members Works (GameSpot)
02-03-21 (21:29)   Twitch gamer Sodapoppin quits fake GTA jobs because they're too hard (New York Post)
02-03-21 (20:28)   GTA RP streamer discovers that roleplaying jobs is as unpleasant as having a job (PCGamesN.com)
02-03-21 (17:42)   GTA Online: Vapid Peyote Custom Details, Price, & Location Explained (Screen Rant)
02-03-21 (13:22)   A programmer reduced GTA Online load times by 70 percent (SlashGear)
02-03-21 (12:44)   A programmer has reduced 'GTA Online' load times by over 50 per cent (NME.COM)
01-03-21 (22:14)   Twitch Star Quits GTA RP After In-Game Jobs Become Too Much Like Real Jobs (Kotaku)
01-03-21 (20:55)   GTA Online Mod Cuts Long Loading Times By 70% (GameSpot)
01-03-21 (19:47)   Hacker reduces GTA Online load times by roughly 70 percent (Ars Technica)
01-03-21 (17:49)   Why does GTA Online load so slowly? Someone thinks they can make it 70% faster (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
01-03-21 (17:10)   GTA Online Modder Reduces Famously Long Load Times (GameSpot)
01-03-21 (15:28)   GTA Online player figures out how to speed up loading times by 70% (PCGamesN.com)
01-03-21 (15:06)   Digital Foundry explains how a clever programmer cut GTA Online load times by 70% (Eurogamer.net)
01-03-21 (11:30)   Google Spent "Tens of Millions of Dollars" for Red Dead Redemption 2 on Stadia - Report (GamingBolt)
01-03-21 (10:37)   Why Has Sodapoppin Quit The GTA No Pixel RP Server? (DualShockers)
26-02-21 (06:00)   Chicago lawmaker proposes banning Grand Theft Auto amid carjacking spike (New York Post)
25-02-21 (22:23)   Why RatedEpicZ Banned From Twitch After His GTA 5 Stream? (DualShockers)
25-02-21 (18:23)   GTA Could Be Banned in Illinois and the Internet Isn't Having It (Den of Geek)
25-02-21 (17:10)   GTA Online Update Adds A Weaponized Dinghy And More In Latest Weekly Update (GameSpot)
25-02-21 (12:28)   GTA Online's weekly update adds a weaponised dinghy (PCGamesN.com)
25-02-21 (00:53)   Illinois Rep Introduces Bill to Ban Sales of All Violent Video Games in the State in Misguided Effort to Prevent Real Violence and Crime (PlayStation LifeStyle)
24-02-21 (16:55)   ESA Responds To Call For Games Like GTA 5 To Be Banned (GameSpot)
24-02-21 (15:10)   GTA V, Other Violent Games Would Be Banned If Chicago Lawmaker Got His Way (GameSpot)
24-02-21 (03:58)   'Grand Theft Auto' among violent video games to be banned in Illinois (NME.COM)
23-02-21 (23:01)   Illinois politician proposes a Grand Theft Auto ban (GamesIndusty.biz)
23-02-21 (19:59)   Illinois politician wants to ban Grand Theft Auto after a rise in Chicago carjackings (PCGamesN.com)
23-02-21 (17:59)   Marcus Evans, Chicago Democrat, seeks to ban 'Grand Theft Auto' amid crime uptick (Washington Times)
23-02-21 (17:23)   What's in the Latest Red Dead Online Update? Moonshine and More (DualShockers)
23-02-21 (16:25)   How Grand Theft Auto: Vice City & GTA: Vice City Stories Are Different (Screen Rant)
22-02-21 (17:32)   Take-Two DMCA takes down reverse-engineered GTA source code (Ars Technica)
22-02-21 (17:18)   Take Two DMCA takes down reverse-engineered GTA source code (Ars Technica)
22-02-21 (11:30)   Take-Two reportedly takes down reverse-engineered GTA3, Vice City source code (GamesIndusty.biz)
22-02-21 (10:37)   Has xQc Been Banned On The NoPixel GTA Server? Here's the Latest Drama (DualShockers)
22-02-21 (03:43)   Take-Two Goes After Reverse-Engineered Grand Theft Auto Code (Kotaku)
21-02-21 (17:15)   Take-Two CEO Says It's Always "Better to Wait for Perfection" Than Rush Game Releases (GamingBolt)
21-02-21 (15:44)   'GTA 3' and 'Vice City' fan project has received a DMCA takedown (NME.COM)
20-02-21 (14:59)   GTA 3 and Vice City reverse-engineering project taken down (PCGamesN.com)
20-02-21 (12:20)   GTA 3 and Vice City reverse-engineering fan project hit with DMCA takedown (Eurogamer.net)
19-02-21 (21:43)   I've Kinda Had My Fill After Wrapping The Division 2's Latest Season (Kotaku)
19-02-21 (00:00)   Red Dead Online's New Solo Missions Are Pretty Good (Kotaku)
18-02-21 (18:41)   Second City Sells to Private Equity Company ZMC (Variety)
18-02-21 (18:23)   Free Dinka Verus and Overflod Tyrant Featured in GTA Weekly Update (DualShockers)
18-02-21 (18:10)   GTA Online Update Adds More Peyote Plants So You Can Trip Out, Man (GameSpot)
18-02-21 (11:59)   GTA Online weekly update brings back peyote plants and a new quad bike (PCGamesN.com)
17-02-21 (16:20)   How a small group of GTA fanatics reverse-engineered GTA 3 and Vice City without (so far) getting shut down (Eurogamer.net)
17-02-21 (12:52)   GTA 5 Actors for Lamar and Franklin Reenact Iconic Meme Scene in Real Life (DualShockers)
16-02-21 (22:05)   Survey: People Are Split On Who's The Best GTA 5 Character (Looper)
16-02-21 (19:52)   Red Dead Online Weekly Update February 16 - Double Role XP (DualShockers)
16-02-21 (18:36)   The Most Powerful Weapons In GTA 5 (Looper)
16-02-21 (18:18)   PC versions of Grand Theft Auto reverse-engineered to raw source code (Ars Technica)
16-02-21 (18:01)   Coders reverse-engineer Grand Theft Auto's raw PC source code (Ars Technica)
16-02-21 (15:52)   Rockstar Will Continue To Focus On Single-Player Games - What Does This Mean For GTA 6: Online? (DualShockers)
16-02-21 (00:43)   Vice City & Grand Theft Auto III's Source Code Has Been Reverse-Engineered (Kotaku)
15-02-21 (18:41)   GTA 3 And Vice City Have Been Reverse-Engineered On PC (GameSpot)
15-02-21 (11:45)   Tale of Immortal is ahead of GTA 5, Apex Legends, and Rust in Steam's most-played right now (PCGamesN.com)
14-02-21 (19:06)   Right now more of us are playing Valheim on Steam than GTA 5 or PUBG (Eurogamer.net)
14-02-21 (09:06)   GTA San Andreas Map in 1907 - Check Out This Incredibly Detailed Fan-Made Map (DualShockers)
13-02-21 (10:52)   GTA 6 Trailer Might Be Around Soon, Rockstar's Job Listing Reveals (DualShockers)
12-02-21 (21:14)   Cyberpunk 2077, GTA 5, and dystopian death races in games (PCGamesN.com)
12-02-21 (17:05)   34% Of People Agree This Is When GTA 6 Will Actually Be Released (Looper)
12-02-21 (13:59)   At last you can fly PUBG's C-130 plane thanks to a new GTA 5 mod (PCGamesN.com)
11-02-21 (18:24)   GTA Online Celebrates Valentine's Day With Special Events And Sales (GameSpot)
11-02-21 (12:45)   GTA Online weekly update triples rewards on some Valentine's Day modes (PCGamesN.com)
11-02-21 (10:06)   GTA Online Update February 2021 - What is in GTA 5 Update 1.36? (DualShockers)
10-02-21 (22:43)   Grand Theft Auto Role-Playing Is Big On Twitch Again, Starring, Uh, Johnny Silverhand From Cyberpunk (Kotaku)
10-02-21 (17:52)   GTA 5 Player Lands on the Loch Ness Monster After Insane Motorbike Jump (DualShockers)
09-02-21 (23:59)   GTA Online publisher praises single-player as 50% of players solo Cayo Perico (PCGamesN.com)
09-02-21 (21:49)   Would you actually want a Grand Theft Auto remaster? (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
09-02-21 (18:40)   How GTA Online Taught Us to Be Careful What We Wish For (Den of Geek)
09-02-21 (18:10)   GTA's most daring stunt driver just dunked on Nessie (Polygon)
09-02-21 (16:14)   GTA RP: the best servers and how to join them (PCGamesN.com)
09-02-21 (15:45)   GTA RP's latest star is Cyberpunk 2077's Johnny Silverhand (PCGamesN.com)
09-02-21 (14:44)   Grand Theft Auto 5's Cayo Perico Heist Was Played As Single Player Experience By Half Of Players (GamingBolt)
09-02-21 (14:41)   GTA Remasters? Take-Two CEO Says That's A Great Question (GameSpot)
09-02-21 (14:07)   GTA V Has Sold 140M Copies and RDR2 Has Sold 36M, Take-Two Dodges Question of Remastering Older GTAs (PlayStation LifeStyle)
09-02-21 (13:35)   Grand Theft Auto 5 has now sold 140m copies (Eurogamer.net)
09-02-21 (12:30)   Grand Theft Auto 5 Has Sold Over 140 Million Units, Red Dead Redemption 2 at 36 Million (GamingBolt)
09-02-21 (00:59)   Why would Rockstar release GTA 6 when GTA 5 keeps selling like this? (PCGamesN.com)
08-02-21 (23:24)   GTA 5 Has Sold More Than 140 Million Copies (GameSpot)
08-02-21 (23:01)   NBA 2K, GTA, catalog titles drive Take-Two's holiday quarter (GamesIndusty.biz)
08-02-21 (20:10)   GTA Online: The Real-World Fashion Brands You Can Get In Los Santos (GameSpot)
08-02-21 (12:59)   GameStonk, as told by GTA 5 players (PCGamesN.com)
06-02-21 (21:00)   GTA Online Player Pulls Off Amazing Escape (Kotaku)
06-02-21 (18:28)   GTA 5 tops Twitch after launch of new RP server (PCGamesN.com)
05-02-21 (20:10)   GTA Online, Red Dead Online Set New Player Records In 2020 (GameSpot)
05-02-21 (14:41)   GTA Online's Latest Weekly Update Adds A Bonus Payout For The Cayo Perico Heist (GameSpot)
04-02-21 (21:22)   Why This Canceled GTA: Vice City Mission Would Have Been A Game-Changer (Looper)
04-02-21 (20:41)   GTA Online Update Fixes Submarine Glitch, Vehicle Merge Duping (GameSpot)
04-02-21 (15:41)   GTA Online Update Fixes Submarine Glitch (GameSpot)
04-02-21 (14:13)   From Bioshock and GTA to Wallace and Gromit; Susan Cummings' journey into AR (Pocket Gamer.biz)
04-02-21 (13:28)   GTA Online's weekly update offers more loot for doing the Cayo Perico heist (PCGamesN.com)
02-02-21 (20:41)   Rockstar Games fans are sick and tired of all the hackers (Polygon)
02-02-21 (16:05)   The Thrilling Drug Mission That Didn't Make It Into GTA 5 (Looper)
01-02-21 (20:52)   Old Grand Theft Auto Protagonists Get a Facelift Courtesy of a Fan (DualShockers)
01-02-21 (17:23)   Animal Crossing Could Beat GTA V's First 11 Months Combined Sales on PS3/Xbox 360 (DualShockers)
01-02-21 (03:06)   No Budget Mortal Kombat 11 Jax Fatality Closes Out Your Week in Style (DualShockers)
29-01-21 (20:32)   Glitchpunk is GTA 2's edgy younger cousin (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
29-01-21 (18:06)   Epic Games Store Reached Over 160 Million Users by the End of 2020 (DualShockers)
29-01-21 (17:51)   Things About GTA 5 That Were Too Good To Be True (Looper)
29-01-21 (15:43)   GTA V's Slink Johnson Shows Us Around The Hollywood Walk Of Fame (Kotaku)
29-01-21 (14:41)   Glitchpunk Is Cyberpunk Meets GTA 2, Demo Coming Next Week (GameSpot)
29-01-21 (08:15)   GTA 6 Could Use Rockstar's New NPC AI Patent in Very Interesting Ways (GamingBolt)
28-01-21 (19:51)   How GTA Took It To Another Level By Adding This Homelander Mod (Looper)
28-01-21 (17:28)   Glitchpunk is a cyberpunk take on GTA 2, gets a Steam demo next week (PCGamesN.com)
28-01-21 (11:59)   GTA Online weekly update adds extra rewards for Casino Adversary modes, Mobile Operations (PCGamesN.com)
28-01-21 (11:28)   GTA 5 podium car: here's what vehicle you can win in GTA Online (PCGamesN.com)
26-01-21 (19:36)   The Spooky Paranormal Easter Egg You Need To See In GTA 5 (Looper)
26-01-21 (14:15)   GTA 4 Destroys Cyberpunk 2077 in World Immersion (GamingBolt)
25-01-21 (22:24)   GTA Online publisher smacks down another cheat seller (Polygon)
25-01-21 (18:41)   Major GTA Online Cheats Site Shut Down After Pressure From Take-Two (GameSpot)
25-01-21 (18:22)   Why Johnny Klebitz Was Really Killed Off In GTA 5 (Looper)
25-01-21 (17:51)   Here's How To Join A Crew In GTA Online (Looper)
25-01-21 (16:35)   Prominent GTA Online cheat website shuts down "after discussions with Take-Two" (Eurogamer.net)
25-01-21 (15:45)   GTA Online cheat seller shuts down after "discussions" with Take-Two Interactive (PCGamesN.com)
25-01-21 (12:52)   GTA 5 Modder is Working on a Burnout 3 Remake in Los Santos, Check Out the Trailer (DualShockers)
25-01-21 (12:45)   GTA 6 release date: all the latest details on the new Grand Theft Auto (PCGamesN.com)
24-01-21 (17:14)   Burnout 3 is getting a remake in GTA 5 (PCGamesN.com)
22-01-21 (03:14)   GTA Characters, Remastered (Kotaku)
21-01-21 (13:28)   GTA Online weekly update introduces the Slamtruck, baby (PCGamesN.com)
20-01-21 (17:55)   GTA 5 Actor Is Out Of The Hospital After Battling COVID-19 And Pneumonia (GameSpot)
20-01-21 (14:36)   This GTA 5 Model Isn't Who You Think It Is (Looper)
20-01-21 (13:01)   GTA 5 Destroys Cyberpunk 2077 in World Immersion (GamingBolt)
20-01-21 (02:30)   Rockstar Has Filed Patent For New NPC Tech, Possibly For Upcoming Projects (GamingBolt)
20-01-21 (00:24)   Rockstar NPC Tech Patent Has People Talking About GTA 6 (GameSpot)
19-01-21 (21:37)   Rockstar Patents New AI Tech, Likely For GTA 6 (DualShockers)
19-01-21 (15:07)   Rockstar Devs File Patent for New NPC System That Reads Like It Could Be for GTA 6 (PlayStation LifeStyle)
18-01-21 (18:06)   Rustler Brings Grand Theft Auto to the Middle Ages on February 18 (DualShockers)
18-01-21 (16:45)   Rustler is like old-school GTA but medieval, and with catapulting cows (PCGamesN.com)
18-01-21 (10:30)   Animal Crossing: New Horizons Tops UK Charts Once More (GamingBolt)
15-01-21 (23:28)   For the first time, GTA 5 did not make NPD's year-end best-seller list (but there's a reason) (PCGamesN.com)
15-01-21 (17:53)   For the First Time Since 2013, Grand Theft Auto V Was Not on the Best-Seller Charts for 2020 (PlayStation LifeStyle)
15-01-21 (07:15)   Nintendo and GTA 5 come top in big year for Australia game sales | Australia Annual Report (GamesIndusty.biz)

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